16 May 2018

Sylvia Plath in the Grecourt Review

Sylvia Plath's colleague at Smith College, Marlies Kallmann Danziger, passed away in March 2018. She taught at Smith when Plath was a student and a colleague in the department of English at Smith College in the 1957-1958 academic year.

This copy of the Grecourt Review 1 from November 1957, which prints Plath's poem "All the Dead Dears", may have been her's as it bears the ownership inscription "Miss Kallman" on the cover (bottom left). I acquired this copy back in 2012 and never did anything with it (I had always meant to present it on the blog but just never did; got distracted by a little project on her Letters). But, having just learned of her passing, I felt it was worth writing about now.

Danziger appears in Plath's journals in several entries (12 January 1958, 22 January 1958, 8 February 1958, 27 February 1958, 5 May 1958 (twice), and 19 May 1958).

Kallman apparently lived in Albright House and had her office in Library 52, according to a staff directory for Smith (pictured below). Smith College archivist Nanci Young informed me that back then, each house had a house mother and a faculty adviser living in residence with the students. However, according to Plath' journals, Marlies lived with her husband, Erwin, at the weekends... which makes sense as after seeing a performance of Denis Johnston's adaptation of Finnegans Wake in Holyoke, Plath and Hughes went to Marlies' house for whiskey and it is not likely that this was in Albright House!

I have not yet tracked down where Erwin Danzinger lived at the time but if I do I will add it to the post.

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10 May 2018

These Ghostly Archives Turns 1

Happy Birthday to us.
Happy Anniversary to us.
Happy Birthiversary to These Ghostly Archives: The Unearthing of Sylvia Plath.
Happy Anniverthday to us.

Just a small blog post today to say that These Ghostly Archives: The Unearthing of Sylvia Plath by Gail Crowther and some other person was published one year ago tomorrow, 11 May 2017!

After it was published, the bombshell that we had located lost Plath poems made international news, which is still hard to believe.

You can still buy it on Amazon US, Amazon UK, and via other retailers. Some Waterstones stores even stock it, which tickles us!

A big heartfelt and sincere thank you to anyone and everyone who has purchase the book, the ebook, or even borrowed it from your library. And of course, my deepest, most sincere gratitude to Gail Crowther for letting me write with and to her.

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01 May 2018

Update: The Letters of Sylvia Plath, Volume 2

Hello! It is with great pleasure to let  you know that Sunday night, 29 April 2018, I sent in the files to Faber & Faber for The Letters of Sylvia Plath, Volume 2: 1956-1963.

[twiddling thumbs]

        [still twiddling thumbs]

                       [now what to do?]

The HarperCollins edition,
to be published on 30 October 2018.

The files included the final, final, final, final, final, final (etc.) proof of book itself, the front matter, the image plates & captions, and the index. Having read the volume four times since last August already, I feel it a good book and certainly, obviously, picks up from where Volume 1 concludes. I am sure you have questions. However, as in the aftermath of finishing Volume 1, I am not able at the moment to discuss anything about the volume, so I do appreciate that each of you will not ask questions!  The UK cover is under review; so as soon as it is finalized and I have permission I will post in here and on Twitter, etc. 

Within the turning of one calendar year---the volumes are Irish twins, essentially---we have produced out two massive volumes of Plath's letters! All for you! And my head is spinning at how we did it. Of course the project started years ago and it is hard to remember a time when I was not working on the letters! The two volumes have more than 960,000 words! (The front matter and index easily bumps the word count to more than one million!) I nearly single-handedly transcribed and proofed Plath's letters (more than 1300 of them) and created the vast majority of the more than 3,600 footnotes. In addition, I selected the images, wrote all the captions, secured permissions, etc. My mantra throughout the project was a line from Plath's poem "The Rabbit Catcher": "There was only one place to get to." Well, we are just about there and to know that the second volume is 128 days (or just over 4 months) from publication, and thus into your hands, fills me with an enormous sense of happiness.  

It has been the privilege of my life to work on these books for you. I did my best and gave everything that I could to try to ensure that the text you read is as close as possible to the text of Plath's original letters (look for my tell-all book later in the year to be published by Career Enders, Inc.). Early mornings, sleepless nights: day in and day out, in sickness and in health, with probably fewer than a week of days off in the course of the project. My deepest thanks for the trust placed in my by Frieda Hughes. 

Look for The Letters of Sylvia Plath, Volume 2, to be published by Faber and Faber on 6 September 2018; and by HarperCollins on 30 October 2018

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18 April 2018

Guest Blog Post: A Blue Wool Hooded Coat

The below is a generous guest blog post by Tammy MacNeil on her recent Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes: The Property of Frieda Hughes Bonhams auction victory. Congratulations on the win, but more importantly on your pregnancy. ~pks

A Blue Wool Hooded Coat
by Tammy MacNeil, 17 April 2018

The announcement in late January 2018 that Frieda Hughes would be selling a large lot of her famous parents' personal possessions garnered attention in the press on both sides of the Atlantic. More than one Plath devotee wondered if this would be their opportunity to own something that had once belonged to Sylvia Plath herself. I have been a follower of Plath's for about twenty years, having written my Master's thesis on her work's influence on Ted Hughes's Birthday Letters. I believed that this auction was my chance to own a small piece of Plath history.

But what piece? Much as Peter K. Steinberg describes in his telling of winning Plath's fishing rod, narrowing my focus to one or two lots was a challenge. I decided to focus my attention on something tangible, such as an article of clothing or a piece of jewellery, rather than one of the auction's archival offerings. My long list included the copper hairband with earrings (lot 318), the dragon pendant (lot 319), blue ceramic necklace (lot 320), Court Green carpet (lot 347), Plath's fishing pole (lot 351), and Frieda's little blue jacket (lot 353). After considering the additional cost of shipping one of these items to Canada, I eliminated the carpet and the fishing pole. I placed a bid on the iconic dragon pendant (how could I not?), and the blue jacket, hoping against hope that I wouldn't win the pendant for financial reasons. Which left all of my hopes pinned on the blue jacket.

In truth, the reason why I wanted to win Frieda's blue jacket is because I am pregnant with my first child, at 40 years of age, and I wanted something that I could share with him or her in the future. Blue has always been my lucky colour, and I felt very strongly that this treasure should be mine as an item that once belonged to Sylvia Plath, but ultimately it belonged to her daughter. Like Plath herself, I have struggled with fertility issues for the last number of years and her writings about loss and doubt have been a comfort to me. I had all but given up hope on the idea but discovered I was pregnant shortly before the Bonham's auction was announced, so when it came time to consider the lots for offer, I was drawn to lot 353.

I must commend the staff at Bonham's as polite, informative, and genuinely helpful. I told the agents that I would not be placing a high bid (no £60,000 typewriters for me), but that didn't seem to affect the way they treated me. For anyone who did not register to bid, I was required to provide a copy of a valid passport, proof of financial means (I submitted a recent credit card statement), and a letter from my financial institution in order to register to bid. The Bonham's agent granted me bidding rights without the letter, likely because I stated that I would not be placing any large bids.

I wanted to be as informed as possible about my two most coveted items, so I requested a condition report on the dragon pendant and Frieda's jacket. The same senior valuer responded to both of my requests. The pendant's condition report describes it as having "some wear to surface. Small balls at tips of crowns in upper half but not lower half. Reverse with slight cracking to surface at tips." In his message to me, the senior valuer states "…of course it is the history of it that mainly counts." How true, Mr. Roberts!

I was surprised to read Gail Crowther's description of the necklace as being "light" and "flimsy." It certainly looks like it weighs a lot, especially with that chain.

Once live bidding started online, I was surprised to see how quickly the auctioneer moved through the lots. The winner of Plath's brown dress got the deal of the day in my opinion. I was less surprised to see that the majority of lots were selling for much higher than the auction house had estimated. When lot 319 appeared on the docket, there was a pleasant ringing sound to alert me to pay attention. The price quickly surpassed my bid and soared to more than three times the estimated high bid. I had never participated in a live bid quite like this one before. Sure I buy the occasional item on eBay, but with "Buy It Now" for most items the thrill -- and stress!-- of a live auction are now a rare occurrence.

As luck would have it, I miscalculated the time difference between London and Nova Scotia so I had to return to work before the appearance of lot 353. My sister sat with me through the auction at her home, and I told her I was willing to double my £550 bid for Frieda's blue jacket but she would have to bid on my behalf. There was a challenger, who must have set their maximum at £1000. If you are reading this, dear Bidder, please know that this was the one item I truly wanted, and I hope that you were able to buy something else at the auction.

I couldn't believe that I had won! I kept checking my email for confirmation from Bonham's that I was indeed the winner and could I please send them a large sum of money. My winning bid of £1100 quickly ballooned once the hammer price of 25% was added, the exchange rate to British pounds was calculated, and the insane amount of shipping and Canadian import fees were settled. Still, I do not regret my purchase for a second. This is a tangible item that Plath herself helped her two-year old daughter in to on the day of her christening on 25 March 1962. This garment appears to have been a much-loved item, and was evidently worn by Frieda more frequently than just the one special occasion.

Condition report: "exterior generally clean and in good condition. Lining torn at inner seam and frayed at edges, with some staining."

Overall the jacket is beautiful, a deep shade of blue with light blue and cream detail.

Detail of right side of jacket. Notice the individual stitches.

Each swirl is actually indented into the fabric, and they feel like little bumps on the underside.

The left side of the jacket has two small tears, one is quite noticeable. I wonder if Frieda is left-handed and had picked at that side of the jacket when she was wearing it as a child?

The seams in the lining are torn. The lining itself it also stained.

Here you can clearly see that both seams are torn; the left side is more frayed than the right.

Back of the jacket.

Sincere gratitude to Peter K. Steinberg for welcoming other Plath enthusiasts to share their stories on his blog. Thank you for maintaining such an informative and enduring record of Plath studies and activities, and for providing a space where this intelligent and passionate community can come together to share our appreciation for a truly remarkable woman: Sylvia Plath. Like so many others, I am looking forward to reading The Letters of Sylvia Plath, Volume 2 later in 2018.

Thank you, Tammy, for this lovely post! You were an auction viewer, winner, or even loser and what to write about your own experiences, please do consider writing a guest blog post, too.

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10 April 2018

Go Fish with Sylvia Plath

Going into Bonhams fascinating Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, The Property of Frieda Hughes auction I was completely torn about bidding. Of course Plath herself, in the guise and persona of "Lady Lazarus", predicted how her readers would covet "a piece of my hair or my clothes". And having been lucky enough to acquire, previously, something that Plath created as well as being gifted a typescript story, there is always the desire to have more.

I ranked some of the lots that most interested me and that would not completely destroy my meagre piggy bank from the moment I saw the draft sales catalogue in January. I was completely taken with the idea of owning something as random and frivolous as Plath's fishing rod (Lot 351). But something in me said go for something else. So I marked down Lot 334 ("A Winter Ship") as being idea. Copies are available but not one that was retained for 58 years by the family. I was interested also in the small lot of books (381) and well as the lot of 6 editions of The Colossus (336). So, yea, I was all over the place.

I discussed with a few friends what they might be interested in bidding on so as to not bid against a friend. It was also interesting to see what other items people were attracted to. So I put in a bid on those Colossus editions but then immediately cancelled it and went for "A Winter Ship". I put in the low estimate and had no faith it would hold. And it didn't… it sold for £5,500 (£6,875)... five and a half times the low estimate.

Watching the auction live was an event; an experience. Truly glued to my seat and incapable of leaving it, I weighed my other option. I put a bid in that held for about 2 seconds on the Oxford Book of Wild Flowers (340), misheard the bidding price on the wooden tray (350) which sold for what I consider to be "chump change". I did bid a couple of times on Lot 380 as I have convinced myself some of those items were actually once the property of Sylvia Plath directly… Of course I could be and probably am delusional… The mind is a funny thing. The last things I bid on were lots 400 and 401, the Laureate's Choice sherry. I lost those, too, as I just could not make myself click "bid" once more. For what they were I felt the went for reasonable prices of, respectively, £187 and £112.

After the auction ended I reached out to Frieda Hughes about the unsold lot 328 of "Tobias and the Angel" by Leonard Baskin. But, because I did actually win a lot in the auction I opted in the end not to try for the additional item. I regretted it the minute I passed on it, and still do. Massively. The extra expense just could not work itself out in my mind. I regret it more and more and more each day.

If you read that previous paragraph you will see that I did successfully bid on one of the lots. In the end it was the first thing that I was initially drawn to that saw me walking away slightly lighter in my wallet but with an item that is to me both bizarre and unique. The catalogue description of the fishing rod read, "Sylvia Plath's 2-piece cane fishing rod, made by Forrest & Sons, Kelso, 5 loops, cork handle, length approximately 1220mm." And it was accompanied with a footnote: "Ted Hughes wrote to his brother Gerald in late summer 1958 that 'Sylvia loves fishing, and has luck' (Letters of Ted Hughes, Faber, 2007, p.131)". In addition to this in Hughes' letters, there is more than likely additional material about fishing in Plath's forthcoming letters.

Gail Crowther took this photo which shows many
lots, including the fishing rod in the back corner.

Like my "Dark River" experience in December, this item had me on tenterhooks. It was collected on the 28th of March and so should have shipped on the 29th. However, the shipper had a "glitch" that coincidentally lasted the entire four-day Easter weekend. This delayed delivery by several days which I am not impressed with. But, the fishing rod made its way from Bonhams in London, to Oxford where it was packed, then to Stansted and on to Indianapolis before coming back east to me in Massachusetts.

The day it was delivered was comical. I knew it was nearby but the scheduled delivery date was Tuesday 10 April. So, I went to work thinking it would frustratingly hang out for a few days and collect dust. But by the time I got to work, it had moved to a distribution center two towns from my house... Once it was marked as out for delivery I knew I had to leave work to try to be home to sign for it. I had wanted it sent to work, but Bonhams failed to follow my instructions.

Anyway, I get off the train and start walking home. Huffing and puffing up a hill I see a FedEx truck pull onto my street. So naturally I start running after it. I am not faster than a truck. And it wasn't, in the end, my FedEx truck. No, my truck came conveniently about 20 minutes after I got home. Had I stayed home from work I do fully believe it would not have been delivered that day.

The tube in which it came and the padding...

The fishing rod in in two pieces that fit together. It came with a nice dark green carrying bag that has "Shakespeare 1575-240" on it. I have to ask Frieda Hughes about this!

When together, the rod is just shy of seven feet long... here it is on the floor and then propped up by a bookcase.

Now for some close ups...

I am really thrilled about this and will have to figure out what, exactly, to do with it. I have heard from some friends about their winnings; so of course I am pleased for them too.

Did you win something? Do you have it? Do you want to write a guest blog post about it? It can be anonymous if you want. Contact me via this page if you are interested.

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04 April 2018

Sylvia Plath's The Dark River

In February I wrote about one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me… when my friend Suzanne bought and gave me a typescript story called "The Dark River" by Sylvia Plath. Shortly afterwards I sent the story to a friend who is a book binder and artist. This was to have a custom box made to house the typescript and recently it was returned to me.

Project complete.

I asked for the cloth on the box to be a dark blue color to kind of match what a dark river might look like. I think Barbara, the woman who made the box, knocked it out of the park.

The spine label is glorious.

Inside the box is a custom folder to further protect and support the seven pages of the story. I've added some acid-free interleaving paper to wrap around the story and protect the folder from any potential transfer of acids from the story pages to the folder.

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01 April 2018

New Sylvia Plath Book Published

Readers of Sylvia Plath will be given a new way to interact with Plath's poetry in Plath Libs, which was inspired by Mad Libs, created in 1953 by Leonard Stern and Roger Price.

The first book features five of Plath's works: "The Glutton", "Maudlin", "Metaphors", "The Hanging Man", and "Winter Trees". Let's say for example that in "The Glutton" that you did not like Plath's line-ending verb "slake"... Well, now you, the reader, can revise the poem yourself! Yee-haw! The entire poetic output of Plath is scheduled to be Plath-Libbed in a projected 2,999 more five-poem publications over the next 27 years.

The first book is available as a free PDF download for a limited time. Subsequent volumes will be sold exclusively at Wal-Mart for $17.99.

The cover was inspired by the unanimous success and support of the Faber edition of The Letters of Sylvia Plath, Volume 1.

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28 March 2018

The Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes Bonhams Auction

Like you, maybe, I am still fascinated and a bit mystified by the auction last week in London of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes: The Property of Frieda Hughes. I am still overly curious as to which items might end up in libraries and archives; which lots went to private collectors; and which will be seen, temporarily and with a mark up, via book or artifact dealers.

I went through and made a spreadsheet of the lots with the estimates, the hammer prices and the final price including the buyer's premium. Lastly I filled in a column in Excel to denote if the item was
  • withdrawn (1 lot);
  • did not sell (8 lots);
  • was under estimate (17 lots);
  • in estimate (17 lots); or 
  • over estimate (65 lots)

The large majority went for over the high estimate, even if just barely. The in estimate could be further broken down by whether it was low, mid, or high within that estimate price range but I frankly did not want to go that far... Well, I do, but indexing the second volume of The Letters of Sylvia Plath has kind of taken priority as you might imagine! I also really wanted to give more detail or a keyword about the lot, or provide hyperlinks to them, but just did not. Sorry.

Hope you all find this interesting or useful.

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26 March 2018

Sylvia Plath Talk at Columbia Chicago

In just under one month, on Tuesday, 24 April 2018, I will be speaking on the Letters of Sylvia Plath and other subjects at Columbia College, Chicago. Poet and Plath scholar David Trinidad is bringing me there on a Rubin Visiting Artist Award and I would like to express my gratitude to David, Columbia College, and to Ms. Roberta Rubin for making this possible.
n just under a month, on Tuesday, 24 April 2018, I will be speaking on the

I will be speaking twice that day. The first is the public lecture which starts at 1:00 p.m. It will be in Hokin Hall, located at 623 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago. The event is free and open to the public.

Hokin Hall is named after Bess Hokin and in 1957, Sylvia Plath was awarded Poetry magazine's Bess Hokin Prize. I feel like this is a wonderful little connection, not to mention, of course, that both Eddie Cohen and Ann Davidow-Goodman both came from Chicago. Esther Greenwood even thought about moving to Chicago in The Bell Jar.

I will also be sitting in a class of David's and talking Plath and her letters that evening. It is a wonderful feeling to know that David is already teaching Plath's letters.

And, as a reminder, on 8 April 2018, there will be a talk on the Letters of Sylvia Plath at the 92nd Street Y in New York City.

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22 March 2018

Sales Results: Bonhams Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes auction

Bonhams Knightsbridge (London) held a major Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes auction yesterday of items that are the property of Frieda Hughes. Are... perhaps I should say were. What follows is a list of those items that either sold or did not sell, and the prices realized in Great British Pounds, with buyer's premium included.

Composite of all auction images

Lot 301 PLATH (OTTO)
Studio portrait of Otto Plath, half-length, by Bachrach, platinum print, on original mount, signed by the photographer lower right, image 160 x 115mm., [1924]; together with a copy of Otto Plath's Bumblebees and Their Ways 1934 (2)
SOLD: £437

A fine and decorative coloured pencil drawing of flowers and birds, with accompanying autograph poem "Spring Madrigal", inscribed "To Daddy" and signed "Sylvia", coloured pencil on paper, with 4-line poem, signed by 280 x 215mm., [6 September 1940]
Did Not Sell

"Daddy & his nurse - Oct.7, 1940 by Sylvia", two pencil drawings depicting Sylvia's father Otto lying with an outsized swollen foot in his sick bed, whilst a nurse approaches, on one sheet of paper, captioned in pencil by Sylvia's mother Aurelia (who has also added the words "his foot" to one drawing), and with Sylvia's autograph note on reverse headed "Sylvia Need to Study" above a list of six subjects ("Arithmetic", "Writing", "Paino" [sic], "Darwing" [sic], "History", and "Geography", the spelling errors corrected by her mother), 225 x 150mm., [7 October 1940]
Did Not Sell

Love Poems and Others, SYLVIA PLATH'S COPY, with her Wellesley School prize label on front free endpaper, publisher's patterned boards, slipcase with printed label on upper cover (2 joints split, slightly worn), 8vo, Mount Vernon, NY, Peter Pauper Press, [1948?]
SOLD: £2,250

Graduation portrait photograph of Sylvia Plath by Salvatore Simone, head and shoulders looking to her right, gelatin silver print, loose mounted in the original card mount (stamped "Simone" on lower margin), image 153 x 100mm., [1950]
SOLD: £1,750

The Wellesleyan. The Yearbook of the Gamaliel Bradford Senior High School, Wellesley, Massachusetts, INSCRIBED BY SYLVIA PLATH BESIDE HER PHOTOGRAPH with a note to her close friend Patricia O'Neil, photographs and illustrations (several relating to Plath), publisher's red cloth, slightly rubbed, upper hinge split, 4to, [1950]
SOLD: £1,875

Ink sketch of a young woman (possibly a self-portrait), head and shoulders looking to the right, blue ink, on blank postcard, with brief note on verso "Wear. Black suit & coat. Take. 2 frocks. 4 [illegible] shoes", 8vo (140 x 85mm.), [early 1950s]
SOLD: £2,125

Lot 308 BIBLE
The Holy Bible, Authorized King James Version, SYLVIA PLATH'S ANNOTATED COPY, WITH MANY PASSAGES UNDERLINED, inscribed on the front free endpaper "To our dear Sylvia - "understanding is the line of demarcation between the real and unreal." S & H. 505.20-21. With love from the Cantors, September 1, 1952, Chatham, Mass.", loosely inserted a newspaper cutting (with photo portrait of Plath) about Plath's winning of the "Mademoiselle" short-story competition on which Plath as written in pencil "Christ died for you!!", publisher's cloth, worn, upper hinge splitting, 16mo (162 x 110mm.), New York and London, The Oxford University Press, [n.d.]
SOLD: £8,750

ROGET (PETER MARK) Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases... New Edition, SYLVIA PLATH'S COPY, WITH UPWARDS OF 1000 WORDS UNDERLINED in black ink, and a few sections marked in the margin, publisher's cloth, patterned (?fifties) paper laid down on sides, crudely rebacked in leather (see footnote), worn, 8vo, New York, Thomas Y. Cromwell Company, [n.d.]
SOLD: £13,750

Brown leather pocket notepad holder with pen, by Things of Fashion, metal cornerpieces, rolled gold pen in holder, approximately 143 x 90mm.; Red leather wallet, by Lady Buxton, loose in the wallet a onedollar coin (1899) with an accompanying note by Frieda Hughes "Given to Sylvia Plath. Coin from Oscar Williams [American poet]...", the wallet approximately 80 x 120mm., [1950s] (2)
SOLD: £1,000

The Joy of Cooking, SYLVIA PLATH'S COPY, inscribed "Sylvia Plath 1954" on the half-title and HEAVILY MARKED UP THROUGHOUT, illustrations by Ginnie Hofmann, underscorings, recipes and passages of text marked in black ink on approximately 250 pages, with annotations in Plath's hand next to 3 recipes, and several further pencil annotations by Aurelia Plath, a few old stains resulting in adhesion to pp.269-272, a few old tape repairs, publisher's cloth, lacks spine, worn, 8vo, New York, The Bobbs-Merrill Company, [1953]
SOLD: £4,375

Green leather folding double photo frame, gilt blocked "S.P." and "June 15, 1954" on the upper cover, slightly rubbed, 215 x 165mm., [1954]
SOLD: £500

Three wristwatches, belonging to Sylvia Plath, comprising: 9K gold Resolute manual wind wristwatch; a gilt metal Bentima manual wind wristwatch; a 9K gold manual wind wristwatch, with leather straps, [1940s/50s] (3)
SOLD: £5,000

A yellow short-sleeved checked dress, with label "Made in U.S.A. for Harrods, London", [1950s]
SOLD: £1,000

A pleated green tartan skirt, with Sylvia Plath's name tape (in blue lettering), with leather strap and buckle, [1950s]
SOLD: £2,125

A brown sleeveless dress with pleated skirt and waist belt, by "Thocolette" of London and Vienna, yellow paper dry-cleaning tab, [1950s]
SOLD: £375

A Japanese blue embroidered silk jacket, light blue lining, 4 toggled "frog" buttons and mandarin collar, shoulders faded, label "Made in Japan"; a blue collarless tunic top, damask pattern, with label "Made in Italy. Dickins and Jones, Regent Street" (2)
SOLD: £2,125

A small group of jewellery belonging to Plath, comprising: a copper Alice band, with a matching pair of clip earrings; 2 further pairs of circular earrings, one blue ceramic, one silver metal; a single triangular ceramic earring; a chased "rolled gold" bracelet; a thin metal chain with 2 heart charms and small ring attached, various sizes, [1950s/early 60s] (small group)
SOLD: £2,375

Sylvia Plath's "dragon" pendant and chain, with maker's stamp "Coro", base metal, openwork Maltese Cross design flanked by two dragons, some wear, diameter 50mm., [1950s]
SOLD: £10,000

Glazed ceramic necklace by Alice Lund, belonging to Sylvia Plath, 26 blue triangular panels (2 chipped), impressed "Alice Lund, Danmark" on one, 420mm., [late 1950s/early 1960s]
SOLD: £3,750

Two necklaces belonging to Sylvia Plath, comprising: a paste fringe necklace, of circular cut pastes with suspended pear shaped forms, 385mm.; White and blue plastic floral necklace, 385mm., with matching earrings, [1950s] (small group)
SOLD: £937

Portrait of Ted Hughes, pen and ink, on paper, head and shoulders in profile, inscribed by the sitter on the reverse in pencil ("By Sylvia Plath/Ted Hughes"), 215 x 140mm., [1956]
Did Not Sell

The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, SIGNED BY BOTH SYLVIA PLATH AND TED ("EDWARD") HUGHES on the front free endpaper, with the date "15th December 1956. Cambridge, England" added in Hughes's hand, along with the names and dates of birth of their two children Frieda and Nicholas, and the young Frieda's signature below, opening leaves creased with some scorching, publisher's cloth, very worn, upper joint split, 4to, Oxford, Clarendon Press, [1955]
SOLD: £5,000

Women and Sometimes Men, FIRST EDITION, SYLVIA PLATH'S COPY, with several passages underlined, notes besides two passages (see footnote) and nine passages marked in the margin with her characteristic star symbol in blue pen, publisher's cloth, dust-jacket (light soiling, coffee or tea splashes on upper cover), 8vo, Routledge and Kegan Paul, [1957]
SOLD: £3,500

Lot 325 HUGHES (TED)
The Hawk in the Rain, FIRST EDITION, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY, INSCRIBED TO THE DEDICATEE SYLVIA PLATH ("Written [printed: To Sylvia] and now presented to her with all my love" on the dedication leaf, publisher's cloth, dust-jacket (worn at extremities with small loss at head of spine with loss to letter "T") [Sagar/Tabor A1a], 8vo, Faber and Faber, 1957
SOLD: £28,750

Lot 326 HUGHES (TED)
The Hawk in the Rain, FIRST AMERICAN EDITION, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY, INSCRIBED TO THE DEDICATEE SYLVIA PLATH ("[printed: To Sylvia] because the book belongs to you just as surely as all my love does, Ted August 26th 1957", on the dedication leaf), additionally signed by Ted Hughes in blue pen on front free endpaper, publisher's cloth, dust-jacket (light age toning and rubbing at extremities) [Sagar/ Tabor A1b], 8vo, New York, Harper & Brothers, [1957]
SOLD: £13,750

Lot 327 HUGHES (TED)
The Hawk in the Rain, FIRST EDITION, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY TO HIS PARENTS, INSCRIBED "With love to Mom & Dad/Ted." on the half-title, publisher's cloth, dust-jacket (soiled with a few small tears, and some loss to spine) [Sagar/Tabor A1a], 8vo, Faber and Faber, 1957
SOLD: £4,000

'Tobias & the Angel', wood-engraving, artist's proof signed, with PRESENTATION INSCRIPTION "FOR SYLVIA AND TED", quite heavy browning and spotting (mostly to upper part of image), mounted, framed and glazed [Fern and O'Sullivan 367], image to view 428 x 430mm., [1958]
Did Not Sell

Lot 329 HUGHES (TED)
The Hawk in the Rain, first American edition, PRE-PUBLICATION PRESENTATION INSCRIPTION, dated 27 August 1957, no dust-jacket [Sagar/Tabor A1b], New York, 1957; Lupercal, PRE-PUBLICATION PRESENTATION INSCRIPTION, dated 4 March 1960, dust-jacket soiled with small losses to spine and corners [Sagar/Tabor A3a.1]], 1960; Meet My Folks, PRE PUBLICATION PRESENTATION INSCRIPTION, dated 1 April 1961, dust-jacket with sprinkled stains on lower cover [Sagar/Tabor A4a], 1961; Recklings, NUMBER 130 OF 150 COPIES, inscription dated January 1967, dust-jacket [Sagar/Tabor A10], Turret Books, 1961; Scapegoats and Rabies, LIMITED TO APPROXIMATELY 400 COPIES, PRE-PUBLICATION INSCRIPTION, dated 1 May 1967, publisher's wrappers [Sagar/Tabor A11], Poet & Printer, 1967; Wodwo, PRE-PUBLICATION PRESENTATION INSCRIPTION, dated 21 April 1967, dust-jacket [Sagar/Tabor A12a.1], 1967; Wodwo, first American edition, dust-jacket fire-smoked [Sagar/Tabor A12a.2], New York, 1967; A Crow Hymn, LIMITED TO 100 COPIES, inscription dated 23 March 1970, publisher's wrappers [Sagar/Tabor A20], Farnham, Sceptre Press, 1970; The Martydom of Bishop Farrar, first separate printing, limited to 100 copies, inscribed "To Olwyn... 3rd March 70. For the rose, the thorn is watered", publisher's wrappers, small stain on upper cover [Sagar/Tabor A21a.1], Crediton, Richard Gilbertson, [1970]; Crow. From the Life and Songs of the Crow, PRE-PUBLICATION PRESENTATION INSCRIPTION, WITH A LARGE INK DRAWING OF A SALAMANDAR, dated 20 September 1970, dust-jacket soiled [Sagar/Tabor A25a.1], 1970; Crow Wakes, LIMITED TO APPROXIMATELY 230 COPIES, THIS COPY INSCRIBED "AUTHOR'S COPY NO.2" and signed by Hughes in 2 places, publisher's boards [Sagar/Tabor A28], Poet & Printer, 1971; Shakespeare's Poem, LIMITED TO 150 COPIES, stitched as issued in gate-fold wrappers [Sagar/Tabor A30], Lexham Press, 1971; Eclipse, NUMBER 58 OF 250 COPIES [Sagar/Tabor A49], 1976; Sunstruck, NUMBER 272 OF 400 COPIES, [Sagar/Tabor A53], 1977; A Solstice, NUMBER 140 OF 350 COPIES, [Sagar/Tabor A55], 1978, these 3 publisher's wrappers, Knotting, Sceptre Press; Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being, PRE-PUBLICATION PRESENTATION COPY, inscription dated 9 March 1992, dust-jacket [Sagar/Tabor A97a.1], 1992; The Iron Woman, oil stain at upper gutter margin, small loss to spine, without the dust-jacket [Sagar/Tabor A103a.1], 1993; Difficulties of a Bridegroom, dust-jacket [Sagar/Tabor A111a.1], 1995, ALL INSCRIBED BY HUGHES TO HIS SISTER, FIRST EDITIONS and publisher's cloth unless otherwise stated, 8vo; and 4 others, all inscribed by Hughes to his sister, including 3 works edited by Hughes, and works by W.H. Auden, and Idris Shah (22)
SOLD: £4,750

Wallet containing seven membership and ID Cards, including her Boston Public Library card, her Poetry Society of America membership card, and her driving licence, six of them SIGNED BY SYLVIA PLATH, together with a small photograph of Sylvia, her mother and brother seated by a Christmas tree, all loosely inserted in Plath's grey leather "Lady Buxton Convertible" wallet, signs of wear, one strap missing, the cards approximately 65 x 95mm., [1950s]
SOLD: £8,750

Lot 331 HUGHES (TED)
Lupercal, FIRST EDITION, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY, INSCRIBED BY TED HUGHES TO SYLVIA PLATH ("To Sylvia, its true mother, with all my love, Ted. February 25th 1960, 4th anniversary of St. Botolph's", on the title-page), a photograph of an unidentified elderly man holding an enormous mug taped inside the lower cover, publisher's cloth, dust-jacket (small loss to head of spine) [Tabor/Sagar A3a.1], 8vo, Faber and Faber, 1960
SOLD: £15,625

Lot 332 HUGHES (TED)
Lupercal, FIRST EDITION, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY, INSCRIBED "To Mom & Dad with love Ted/26th February 1960. Number 2" on title, 2 contemporary newspaper reviews (one by Alvarez from The Observer), and a photograph (captioned on verso "May -56. Dick straightup in old age") of 3 people outside the Cross Inn pub at Heptonstall loosely inserted, publisher's cloth, dust-jacket (spine dulled with small loss at head, light stain on lower cover) [Sagar/Tabor A3a], 8vo, Faber and Faber, [1960]
SOLD: £1,875

Lot 333 HUGHES (TED)
Lupercal, FIRST EDITION, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY, INSCRIBED "To Walter & Alice & Barbara with love from Ted March 11th, 1960" on the title-page, publisher's cloth, dust-jacket (toned with small losses at extremities of spine) [Sagar/Tabor A3a.1], 8vo, Faber and Faber, 1960
SOLD: £1,250

A Winter Ship, FIRST EDITION, SIGNED BY TED HUGHES, stitched in original marbled wrappers, title printed in black on label pasted on upper cover [Tabor A1], 8vo, Edinburgh, Tragara Press, 1960
SOLD: £6,875

Lot 335 TOLKIEN (J.R.R.)
The Lord of the Rings, 3 vol., FIRST EDITIONS, later impressions, EACH VOLUME INSCRIBED BY TED HUGHES TO SYLVIA PLATH ON HER BIRTHDAY ("To Sylvia & Frieda with love from Ted, Oct. 27th 1960", on front free endpapers), 3 folding maps printed in red and black, publisher's cloth, dust-jackets (spines darkened, a few small stains on upper covers), 8vo, George Allen, [1960]
SOLD: £10,000

The Colossus. Poems, FIRST EDITION, spotting to spine [Tabor A2a], Heinemann, 1960; idem, first American edition, jacket dulled with sprinkled spotting on lower cover [Tabor A2c.1], New York, Alfred Knopf, 1960, publisher's cloth, dust-jackets, 8vo; and 4 later editions of The Colossus (6)
SOLD: £3,500

Not Waving But Drowning, second impression, INSCRIBED TO SYLVIA PLATH BY TED HUGHES ("To Sylvia with all my love at Xmas 1960 to keep the draught from the candles. Ted."), illustrations by the author, publisher's boards, dust-jacket (a few small tears at top edge), 8vo, Andre Deutsch, January 1958
SOLD: £4,000

Words for the Wind!, INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR TO SYLVIA PLATH ("For Sylvia Plath - may she read them all! - love, love T.R.)" on title-page, and BY TED HUGHES TO PLATH ("To Sylvia with all my love from Ted, Xmas 1960") on front free endpaper, publisher's cloth, dust-jacket (sprinkled ?coffee stains on upper cover), 8vo, Secker & Warburg, 1957
SOLD: £4,375

White Horse and Black Bulls, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY TO SYLVIA PLATH, inscribed "For Sylvia with every good wish and in the hope that you will stay in Devonshire. Alan" on the half-title, with later ownership inscription of Frieda Hughes, 1960--GARDNER (ROBERT G.) A Human Document, NUMBER 7 OF 500 COPIES, INSCRIBED TO TED HUGHES ("Ted with love from Lisa and Leonard [Baskin]") on the colophon, signed engraved print by Baskin loosely inserted as published, Gehenna Press, 1964--MACCAIG (NORMAN) Three Manuscript Poems, NUMBER 8 OF 100 COPIES SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR, from an overall edition of 300, Exeter, Rougemont Press, 1969--WRIGHT (CHARLES) Dead Colour, LIMITED TO 285 COPIES, INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR TO NICHOLAS HUGHES, 4 woodcut illustrations printed in colours, San Francisco, Meadow Press, 1980--FAINLIGHT (RUTH) 18 Poems from 1966, LIMITED TO 150 COPIES, INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR "for Ted and Assia", Turret Books, 1967--Ronsard. Lyrics... Chosen by Mervyn Savill, OWNERSHIP INSCRIPTION OF TED HUGHES ("Edward James Hughes") and Olwyn Hughes. January 1947" on front free endpaper, Alan Wingate, [1946]--SILLITOE (ALAN) Guzman Go Home and Other Stories, INSCRIBED TO TED HUGHES "For Ted from Alan", dust-jacket, Macmillan, 1968--STEADMAN (RALPH) I. Leonardo, INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR TO HUGHES with an original sketch of "a 2 legged Garrumph!", and inscribed subsequently by Hughes to John Hechtel, dust-jacket, New York, 1983--GUNN (THOM) In the Twilight Slot, NUMBER 30 OF 75 COPIES SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR, with a photographic portrait of the author by Arthur Tress loosely inserted as issued, slipcase, Enitharmon Press, 1995, publisher's bindings, various sizes; and others, including works signed by Yehuda Amichai, Elaine Feinstein, Ralph Steadman, Ruth Fainlight, and Ted Hughes (21)
SOLD: £2,000

ARY (S.) AND M. GREGORY. The Oxford Book of Wild Flowers, FIRST EDITION, INSCRIBED BY TED HUGHES TO SYLVIA PLATH ("To Darling Sylvia from Ted, March 25th 1961", on the front free endpaper), colour illustrations by B.E. Nicholson, light spotting to endpapers, publisher's cloth, dust-jacket (slightly frayed at extremities), 4to, Oxford University Press, 1960; together with a copy of V.J. Stanek's Pictorial Encyclopaedia of the Animal Kingdom (1962), inscribed "Ted Hughes" by Sylvia Plath (2)
SOLD: £1,750

Lot 341 HUGHES (TED)
Meet My Folks!, FIRST EDITION, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY TO SYLVIA PLATH, INSCRIBED "To Sylvia with all my love from Ted, April 1st, 1961", illustrations by George Adamson, publisher's pictorial boards, dust-jacket [Sagar/Tabor A4], small 4to, Faber and Faber, 1961
SOLD: £8,750

Poems by Pablo Neruda. Translated by W.S. Merwin. Produced by Douglas Cleverdon... Third Programme, SYLVIA PLATH'S COPY, INSCRIBED WITH HER NAME AND ADDRESS in black ink in the upper righthand corner of the title sheet, 16 typescript sheets (title, and 15 numbered pages of poems, printed recto only), one letter corrected in black ink on p.2, some spotting to first and last sheet, small b lack ink spot on first sheet, held by metal tab upper left (one loose), s mall folio (330 x 205mm.), 20 December 1960
SOLD: £2,125

The Book of Common Prayer, SYLVIA PLATH'S COPY, INSCRIBED "Sylvia Hughes, Court Green, 1961" on front free endpaper, light spotting and toning to endpapers, publisher's cloth, 8vo, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, [n.d.]
SOLD: £2,500

Lot 344 THOMAS (R.S.)
TARES, FIRST EDITION, 1961; Song at the Year's Turning, fourth impression, 1960, EACH INSCRIBED BY TED HUGHES TO SYLVIA PLATH ON HER BIRTHDAY ("To Sylvia on her birthday with love from Ted, Oct 27th 1961", on front free endpaper), the first mentioned with a loosely inserted scrap of manuscript in Ted Hughes' hand used as a bookmark, both in publisher's boards, the second mentioned in a dustjacket, 8vo, Rupert Hart-Davis (2)
SOLD: £2,375

A child's nursery elbow chair, PAINTED BY SYLVIA PLATH, with coloured flower and heart pattern over a white ground, 470mm. x 280mm. x 290mm., together with 3 balls of the red wool used for the original woven seat
Did Not Sell

A circular cane and glass top occasional table, from Heals, on slender metal legs, diameter 740mm., [early 1960s]
SOLD: £3,125

A Wilton carpet of traditional Persian design with central medallion and palmette border, 3700 x 2740mm.
SOLD: £2,000

A Victorian mahogany armchair, with hoop back, re-upholstered in buttoned salmon draylon, on scroll legs
SOLD: £1,125

A Victorian mahogany twin handled butler's tray, on a later ebonised low stand, the tray approximately 79 x 520mm.
SOLD: £275

A late Victorian ash pedestal desk, used by Sylvia Plath, in three parts, and fitted with nine drawers, 1300 x 580mm.

Sylvia Plath's 2-piece cane fishing rod, made by Forrest & Sons, Kelso, 5 loops, cork handle, length approximately 1220mm.
SOLD: £625

Lot 352 HUGHES (TED)
A collection of 19 fishing rods (for salmon/trout, river/reservoir) and three reels, belonging to Ted Hughes, various materials and lengths, housed in 2 old wooden boxes (collection)
SOLD: £1,125

A blue hooded jacket, worn by Frieda Hughes on the day of her christening in March 1962, blue felted wool, embroidered with floral motifs and decoration, cord ties at neck, [c.1962]
SOLD: £1,375

Collection of three family photographs, comprising: Sylvia Plath wearing the "dragon pendant" [see lot 319], with baby Nicholas (holding a teddy bear) on her knee, INSCRIBED BY SYLVIA PLATH on reverse "Rains of Oblivion", [1962]; Frieda Hughes, aged 2, standing by shelves of toys wearing her blue christening jacket [see above], INSCRIBED BY PLATH on reverse "Court Green/Frieda on her Christening Day March 25, 1962", 65 x 65mm., [1962]; Sylvia Plath leaning over baby Frieda in her pram, INSCRIBED BY TED HUGHES on reverse "Frieda Hughes - 3 weeks old", 60 x 60mm., [April 1960] (3)
SOLD: £3,750

The New Poetry. A Selection Selected and Introduced by A. Alvarez, FIRST EDITION, SYLVIA PLATH'S COPY, INSCRIBED TO HER WITH A DRAWING BY TED HUGHES, AND MARKED UP BY PLATH, half-title with Plath's name and Devon address in her own hand, above a large drawing by Hughes of a crowned serpent (incorporating the inscription "For Sylvia All My Love Ted") with its tail trailing past the sun with a rain cloud and flash of lightning either side, stars and the moon near the serpent's head, publisher's wrappers [Sagar/Tabor B11], 8vo, Penguin Books, 1962
SOLD: £6,875

Selected Poems, FIRST EDITION, PRESENTATION COPY FROM TED HUGHES TO SYLVIA PLATH, INSCRIBED "To darling Sylvia on the 10th of May, 1962. all my love Ted" with an ink drawing of a fox on the half-title, publisher's wrappers, a few small creases [Sagar/Tabor A5], 8vo, Faber and Faber, [1962]
SOLD: £5,250

Lot 357 [PLATH (SYLVIA)]
JONES (JUDITH B.) Typed letter signed ("Judith Jones"), to Sylvia Plath, regretting that Plath "must be feeling terribly neglected", but that she had held off writing earlier in the hope of enclosing more reviews for Plath's Colossus which had sadly been unforthcoming, lambasting "self-involved" poets who "can't even respond to a complimentary prepublication copy of a first collection as good as yours", but enclosing [present with this lot] the rather negative note of reply from Marianne Moore, before expanding on reasons that more reviews had not yet appeared in the "little magazines", before ending that she is "very anxious to hear about how you're coming along with your novel. Wasn't September supposed to be your target date?", 2 pages (one on Knopf headed paper), 3 small corrections in ink, 4to, New York, 30 August 1962; together with 3 copies of reviews for Colossus, and photocopies of 2 rejection letters for The Bell Jar, one from Jones at Knopf, the other from Elizabeth Lawrence at Harper & Row (small quantity)
SOLD: £2,750

Sylvia Plath's Hermes 3000 typewriter, with serial number 3001432, light green, in original case with handle, approximately 310 x 330 x 175mm., [1959]
SOLD: £32,500

Lot 359 [PLATH (SYLVIA)]
The Bell Jar by Victoria Lucas, SYLVIA PLATH'S REVISED PROOF COPY, WITH HER AUTOGRAPH CORRECTIONS, AND INSCRIBED WITH HER NAME AND ADDRESS on the first page in black ink, corrections and revisions by Plath to approximately 70 pages in blue ink, publisher's wrappers, lettered "(Not for Sale) Uncorrected Proof Copy" on the upper cover, a few small marks and creases, 8vo, Heinemann, [1962]
SOLD: £75,000

Lot 360 [PLATH (SYLVIA)]
The Bell Jar by Victoria Lucas, FIRST EDITION, SYLVIA PLATH'S OWN COPY, SIGNED AND DATED "CHRISTMAS 1962", WITH HER FITZROY ROAD ADDRESS on the front free paper, light spotting to extreme edges, publisher's cloth, pictorial dust-jacket (slightly worn at extremities [Tabor A4a.1], 8vo, Heinemann, [1963]
SOLD: £87,500

Typescripts of three poems, comprising 'The Surgeon at 2 a.m.' (2 copies) and 'By Candlelight', text on recto only, each with "Sylvia Plath/ Court Green, North Tawton/Devonshire, England" in upper right hand corner, a few small marginal creases, folio (280 x 215mm.), [1962] (3)
SOLD: £1,375

Typescript of the poem 'Little Fugue', on 2 sheets; with another copy containing only 7 stanzas, and with additional space between the lines, text on recto only, the first sheet headed "Sylvia Plath/Court Green/North Tawton/Devonshire, England" in upper right hand corner, a few small creases at edges, folio (280 x 215mm.), [1962] (2)
SOLD: £1,750

Typescript of the poem 'The Couriers', text on recto only, headed "Sylvia Plath/Court Green/North Tawton/Devonshire, England" in upper right hand corner, a few small creases at edges, folio (280 x 215mm.), [1962]
SOLD: £1,062

Typescript of the poem 'Poppies in October', text on recto only, headed "Sylvia Plath/Court Green/North Tawton/Devonshire, England" in upper right hand corner, a few small marginal creases, folio (280 x 215mm.), [1962]
SOLD: £1,187

Typescript of the poem 'Totem', text on recto only, headed "Sylvia Plath/Court Green/North Tawton/Devon, England" in upper right hand corner, a few small marginal at edges, folio (280 x 215mm.), [1963]
SOLD: £562

Lot 366 HUGHES (TED)
A collection of works, mostly poetry, inscribed by Ted Hughes to his sister Olwyn, including: HUGHES (TED) AND THOM GUNN, editors. Five American Poets, inscribed "To Sooze from Hooze pour t'amooze - in intervals of the booze", 1963--DICKINSON (EMILY) A Choice of... Verse Selected with an Introduction by Ted Hughes, inscribed 22 March 1969, 1969; Selected Poems and Letters, inscribed 26 August 1960, 1960--AUDEN (W.H.) Some Poems, ownership inscription "Edward James Hughes. March - 1948", and inscribed in green ink by Hughes "To Olwyn", 1946-- The Faber Book of Aphorisms... Selection by W.H. Auden and Louis Kronenberger, inscribed "Christmas 1964", dust-jacket, 1964--STEVENS (WALLACE) The Collected Poems, inscribed "To Olwyn from Ted", dampstained, 1955--HOPKINS (GERARD MANLEY) Poems, inscribed "23/8/[19]49", [1949]-- The College Chaucer, inscribed "To Olwyn from Ted", New Haven, [1929]--Persian Paintings in the John Rylands Library, inscribed "Xmas 1980", 1980, publisher's bindings, some worn, 8vo; and 3 others, including copies of The Aeneid, a volume of Keats' poems inscribed by a young Olwyn Hughes (heavily annotated, with several drawings), and a copy of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam belonging to Ted Hughes, with his transcription of the W.B. Yeats poem 'The Stolen Child' on one of the endpapers (12)
SOLD: £1,062

Lot 367 HUGHES (TED)
How the Whale Became, first American edition, THE DEDICATION COPY, INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR TO HIS SON NICHOLAS, illustrations by Rick Shreiter [Sagar/Tabor A6b], New York, Atheneum, 1964; Meet My Folks, FIRST EDITION, INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR "To Nicky love from Dad" on front free endpaper (slight offsetting of ink onto inside flap) [Sagar/Tabor A4a], Faber, 1964; Crow. From the Life and Songs of the Crow, FIRST EDITION, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY, inscribed "For Nick the original of Crow Vs Cronos & Bran, Demon of the British Isles love from Dad, October 1970", with a doodled ink drawing of a crow on the front free endpaper [Sagar/Tabor A24a], Faber, 1970; Collected Animal Poems. Volumes 1-4, in 1vol., ONE OF 292 UNCORRECTED PROOF COPIES, INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR "For Nicholas, Many beasts that escaped the albion, and some that didn't love Daddy", publisher's wrappers [Sagar/Tabor A112a.1], Faber, 1995, the first 3 mentioned in publisher's cloth, dustjackets, FINE COPIES, 8vo and small 4to (4)
SOLD: £4,000

Lot 368 HUGHES (TED)
Nessie the Mannerless Monster, FIRST EDITION, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY TO HIS PARENTS, INSCRIBED "For Mom & Dad with love from Ted April 27th 1964" above a large ink drawing on the front free endpaper, colour illustrations throughout by Gerald Rose, publisher's pictorial boards, dust-jacket (slightly rubbed at extremities) [Sagar/Tabor A8a], small oblong 4to, Faber and Faber, 1964
SOLD: £2,000

Ariel, FIRST EDITION, PRESENTATION COPY FROM TED HUGHES TO HIS PARENTS, inscribed "To Mam & Dad with love Ted", publisher's cloth, dust-jacket [Tabor A5a], 8vo, Faber and Faber, 1965
SOLD: £11,250

Ariel, FIRST EDITION, INSCRIBED BY TED HUGHES "To Michael with my very best wishes from Ted, Christmas 1965" on front free endpaper, publisher's cloth, light speckled stains to extreme lower edge, dust-jacket (short tears to edges of upper cover, slight loss to head of spine) [Tabor A5a], 8vo, Faber and Faber, 1965
SOLD: £2,375

Ariel, FIRST EDITION, publisher's cloth, dust-jacket designed by Berthold Wolpe, VERY FINE COPY [Tabor A5a], Faber and Faber, 1965; idem, FIRST AMERICAN EDITION, introduction by Robert Lowell, publisher's cloth, dust-jacket (upper cover with a few marks, and small scuffmark at fore-edge) [Tabor A5b], New York, Harper & Row, 1966; and copies of the first edition paperbacks (4)
SOLD: £875

Lot 372 HUGHES (TED)
Animal Poems, UNIQUE PRESENTATION COPY, INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR TO HIS SON, WITH 9 AUTOGRAPH POEMS, interleaved, with the additional manuscript poems written in black ink on 10 pages (including the title), manuscript correction by Hughes to one printed poem ("Otter"), green morocco gilt by Sangorski & Sutcliffe, g.e., slipcase [Sagar/Tabor A13], 4to, [Richard Gilbertson, [1967]
SOLD: £7,500

Lot 373 HUGHES (TED)
A collection of books relating to mysticism, the Kabbalah, astrology, etc., belonging to Hughes, comprising: The New Waite's Compendium of Natal Astrology... by Colin Evans, with note "All Midday" in Hughes's hand on p.177, and a loosely inserted 1-page MANUSCRIPT HOROSCOPE BY HUGHES (298 x 214mm.), spine detached, 1953--SCHOLEM (GERSHOM G.) On the Kabbalah and its Symbolism, dust-jacket, 1965--KNIGHT (GARETH) A Practical Guide of Qabalistic Symbolism, 2 vol., dust-jacket on volume 2 only, 1965--BARDON (FRANZ) The Key to the True Quabbalah, dustjacket, Wuppertal, 1971--LETHBRIDGE (T.C.) Witches. Investigating an Ancient Religion, 1962--BUTLER (W.E.) Magic and the Qabalah, dustwrappers, 1971--The I Ching or Book of Changes, vol. 1 only, inscribed "to Ted. November '64 with love from Ruth & Alan [Sillitoe], 1960--STURZAKER (JAMES) Kabbalistic Aphorisms, 1971--The Tibetan Book of the Dead [translated by W.Y. Evans-Wentz], 1957, ALL SIGNED BY TED HUGHES, except the third to last, and the last 2 mentioned which have Hughes's name inscribed by Assia Wevill, unless otherwise stated in publisher's cloth, some wear, 8vo; and 2 others, including a 1971 edition of The New Waite's Compendium with 2 annotations by Hughes, and a 1966 edition of the I Ching inscribed "To Olwyn [Hughes] with love from Ted Xmas 1967" (12)
SOLD: £1,125

Lot 374 [HUGHES (TED)]
BALDWIN (MICHAEL) Miraclejack, FIRST EDITION, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY, INSCRIBED "For Ted Hughes with best wishes Michael Baldwin Aug 1963", with a note of thanks from Baldwin to Hughes for his review in the 'Listener' of another of his books loosely inserted, dust-jacket (some small losses), 1963--SCIGAI (LEONARD M.) Ted Hughes, SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR, Boston, 1991--OSHIMA (SHOTARO, editor) A Book of English Poetry (From Chaucer to Living Poets), PRESENTATION NOTE TO HUGHES FROM THE EDITOR, Tokyo, Hokuseido Press, 1973, publisher's cloth, dust-jackets-- JOZSEF (ATTILA) Poems. Edited by Thomas Kabdebo, INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR TO HUGHES, dampstains, cloth-backed paper wrappers, Danubia Book Co., 1966--BACKSTROM (LARS) Den som flyr det privata kan inte forsta det allmanna... Including Three Poems in English, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY TO HUGHES, publisher's wrappers, 1971--JANOS (PILENSKY) Nagyvarosi ikonok, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY TO HUGHES, publisher's boards, dust-jacket, 1970--VILHJAMLMSSON (THOR) Images, LIMITED TO 250 COPIES SIGNED, INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR TO HUGHES, Reykjavik, 1985, 8vo; and 8 others, of which 6 inscribed by the authors, and one with the ownership inscription of Hughes (15)
SOLD: £62

Lot 375 HUGHES (TED)
The Iron Man. A Story in Five Nights, FIRST EDITION, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY TO THE DEDICATEE, INSCRIBED "To Nicky from Dad 31st Jan 1968" on the front free endpaper, illustrations by George Adamson, publisher's cloth, dust-jacket [Sagar/Tabor A17a], 4to, Faber and Faber, 1968
SOLD: £9,375

Lot 376 HUGHES (TED)
The Iron Giant. A Story in Five Nights, FIRST AMERICAN EDITION, INSCRIBED BY HUGHES TO ONE OF THE DEDICATEES ("For Nicky love from Dad"), illustrations by Robert Nadler, publisher's pictorial boards, dust-jacket (small tears at head of spine) [Sagar/Tabor A17b], small 4to, New York, Harper & Row, 1968
SOLD: £375

The Bell Jar, small piece cut away from upper fore-corner of front free endpaper [Tabor A4a.3], 1966; idem, paperback edition, 1966, each signed by Frieda Hughes; idem, [Tabor A4b], New York, 1971; Crossing the Water, [Tabor A11a], 1971; idem, light marks at gutter margins of endpapers [Tabor A11b], New York, 1971; Winter Trees, [Tabor A15a], 1971; idem, [Tabor A15b], New York, 1972; Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams, introduction by Ted Hughes [Tabor A21a], 1977; idem, [Tabor A21b], New York, 1979--Sylvia Plath: Drawings. Introduced by Frieda Hughes, signed by Frieda Hughes, 2013, unless otherwise stated publisher's cloth with dust-jackets, 8vo; and 3 others, including copy 121 (of 400) of Lyonnesse, Rainbow Press, 1971 (13)
SOLD: £1,062

Uncollected Poems, LIMITED TO 150 COPIES, publisher's stiff card, pictorial wrappers (light spotting at fore-edges) [Tabor A6], Turret, [1965]; Fiesta Melons... Introduction by Ted Hughes, NUMBER 11 OF 75 COPIES SIGNED BY TED HUGHES, from an overall edition of 150, illustrations by Plath, publisher's cloth, dust-jacket [Tabor A10], 1971; Child, NUMBER 21 OF 325 COPIES, facsimile of original manuscript [Tabor A16], 1971, Exeter, Rougemont Press; Lyonnesse, NUMBER 399 OF 400 COPIES, publisher's calf-backed boards, slipcase [Tabor A13], The Rainbow Press, 1971; Two Uncollected Poems, NUMBER 25 OF 450 COPIES, [Tabor A23], Anvil Press, Poetry, 1980; Two Poems, NUMBER 250 OF 300 COPIES, [Tabor A22], Knotting, Sceptre Press, 1980; A Day in June, NUMBER 158 OF 160 COPIES, [Tabor A24], 1981; The Green Rock, NUMBER 140 OF 160 COPIES, [Tabor A28], 1982. Ely, Embers Press; To Eva Descending the Stair, colour lithographed plate signed by Ralph Steadman, on folded card with printed wrapper (slightly frayed), Steam Press, [1974]; Above the Oxbow. Selected Writings, NUMBER 21 OF 325 COPIES, signed in pencil by the illustrator, 4 wood-engraved illustrations by Barry Moser, publisher's cloth-backed boards, Northampton, Catawba Press, 1985; The Magic Mirror. A Study of the Double in Two of Dostoevsky's Novels, LIMITED TO 226 COPIES, THIS COPY SIGNED BY TED HUGHES on the colophon, this copy 108 but also marked by Hughes as "Copy R", publisher's cloth-backed boards, dust-jacket, Rhiwargor, Powys, Embers Handpress, 1989, 8vo and small 4to (11)
SOLD: £1,375

Lot 379 HUGHES (TED)
Eat Crow, NUMBER 4 OF 150 COPIES, frontispiece by Leonard Baskin [Sagar/Tabor A31], 1971; Poems [with Ruth Fainlight, and Alan Sillitoe], NUMBER 282 OF 300 COPIES, [Sagar/Tabor A29], 1971; Prometheus on His Crag, NUMBER 25 OF 160 COPIES, illustrations by Leonard Baskin [Sagar/Tabor A39], [1973]; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, NUMBER 50 OF 140 COPIES, slight splitting to slipcase [Sagar/Tabor A44a], 1974; Earth-Moon, NUMBER 38 OF 226 COPIES, illustrations by the author, ownership inscription of Frieda Hughes [Sagar/Tabor A48], 1976; Orts, NUMBER 161 OF 200 COPIES, frontispiece by Leonard Baskin [Sagar/Tabor A56], 1978; Adam and the Sacred Nine, NUMBER 166 OF 200 COPIES, frontispiece by Leonard Baskin [Sagar/Tabor A59], 1979; Remains of Elmet, NUMBER 123 OF 180 COPIES, photographic illustrations by Fay Godwin [Sagar/Tabor A60], 1979; Henry Williamson. A Tribute, NUMBER 190 OF 200 COPIES, frontispiece, publisher's wrappers [Sagar/Tabor A68], 1979, ALL SIGNED BY TED HUGHES, publisher's cloth or leather and slipcase unless otherwise stated, 8vo and 4to, Rainbow Press (9)
SOLD: £1,750

A collection of books, pamphlets and magazines with contributions by, or about Sylvia Plath, including: Writers on Themselves... Introduction by Herbert Read, with contributions by Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, SIGNED BY TED HUGHES on the front free endpaper, with a small annotation in his hand on p.37, and later annotation by Frieda Hughes, publisher's cloth, dust-jacket (soiled with some loss), B.B.C., 1964--Cambridge Review, vol. 90. No.2187, poem by Plath, and articles by A. Alvarez and others, Cambridge, 1969--STEVENSON (ANNE) Bitter Fame. A Life of Sylvia Plath, UNCORRECTED PROOF WITH 4 CORRECTIONS BY OLWYN HUGHES, some gatherings loose, publisher's wrappers, Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1989--PLATH (SYLVIA) Stings. Original Drafts of the Poem in Facsimile... With an Essay by Susan R. Van Dyne, signed by Frieda Hughes, Northampton, Mass., Smith College, 1982-- KYLE (BARRY) Sylvia Plath. A Dramatic Portrait... Directed by David Addenbrooke, The Western Australia Theatre Company Programme, [1976]--Guinness Poetry Award 1960-1961. Winning Poems, including Plath's poem 'Insomniac' [Cheltenham Festival of Arts and Literature, 1961]--Poetry at The Mermaid. Souvenir Programme, includes 'Tulips' by Plath, and Hughes's 'My Uncle's Wound', contents working loose, publisher's wrappers, [1961]--Poetry 1970. Edited by Damian Grant. Critical Quarterly... No. 11, includes poems by Plath and Hughes, 1970--Gemini, vol. 1, No.1, includes Plath's 'Spinster' and 'Vanity Fair', [1957], publisher's wrappers, 8vo and small 4to; and 11 others, including issues of The London Magazine (4), The Centennial Review, Tri-Quarterly, Critical Quarterly and Supplement (3), and American Poetry Now, edited by Plath and signed by Frieda Hughes (21)
SOLD: £875

Three Women. A Monologue for Three Voices... with an Introduction by Douglas Cleverdon, ONE OF 5 SPECIALLY PRINTED COPIES, from an overall edition of 185 copies, SIGNED BY TED HUGHES on the front free endpaper, half-title, frontispiece, woodcut illustration of flowers and woodcut initials designed, engraved and printed from woodblocks by Stanislaw Gliwa, the opening large initial "T" of this copy hand-painted in red ink, the text in red and black, publisher's morocco-backed pictorial boards, gilt-lettered on spine [Tabor A3b.2], small folio (340 x 235mm.), Turret Books, 1968; sold with a window-mounted woodcut print of the 'Three Women' by Gliwa (2)
SOLD: £1,625

Three Women. A Monologue for Three Voices... With an Introductory Note by Douglas Cleverdon, NUMBER 164 OF 180 COPIES, frontispiece woodcut and initials by Stanislaw Gliwa, publisher's pictorial cloth gilt [Tabor A3a], Privately Printed at Oficyna Stanislawa Gliwy, for Turret Books, 1968; Lyonnesse. Poems, NUMBER 41 OF 90 COPIES IN FULL CALF by Zaehnsdorf, from an overall edition of 400, slipcase [Tabor A13], Printed by Will and Sebastian Carter, at the Rampant Lions Press, for Rainbow Press, 1971, 4to; Two Poems, NUMBER 74 OF 75 "SPECIAL COPIES" (10mm. taller, and differing coloured wrappers than the standard copies), publisher's wrappers [Tabor A22], 8vo, Knotting, Beds, The Sceptre Press, 1980 (3)
SOLD: £375

Lot 383 HUGHES (TED)
The Coming of the Kings and Others Plays, INSCRIBED ON THE DAY OF PUBLICATION, 21 September 1970, dust-jacket by Quentin Blake [Sagar/Tabor A23], 1970; Lupercal, later issue, inscription dated "May 1970", wrappers, 1970; Poetry in the Making, first American edition, PRE-PUBLICATION INSCRIPTION dated 21 September 1970 [Sagar/Tabor A14b], New York, 1970; Seneca's Oedipus. Adapted by Ted Hughes, first American edition, inscription dated December 1972 [Sagar/Tabor A16d], New York, 1972; Moon-Whales and Other Moon Poems, PRE-PUBLICATION INSCRIPTION dated 27 October 1976 [Sagar/Tabor A50], New York, 1976; Gaudette, PRE-PUBLICATION INSCRIPTION dated 22 April 1977, short tears to dust-jacket, 1977; Moon-Bells and Other Poems, inscription dated February 1978, publisher's pictorial boards [Sagar/Tabor A54], 1978; Remains of Elmet... Photographs by Fay Godwin, first trade edition, inscription dated 24 May 1979, wrappers [Sagar/Tabor A60b], 1979; Moortown, inscription dated "October 1979", wrappers [Sagar/Tabor A67], 1979; Flowers and Insects, inscription dated November 1986, colour illustrations by Leonard Baskin [Sagar/Tabor A91], 1986; Wolfwatching, INSCRIBED ON DAY OF PUBLICATION, "... Did we hit?/Or did we miss?/How do we come/To be doing this?..." [Sagar/Tabor A95], 1989; A Dancer to God. Tributes to T.S. Eliot, PRE-PUBLICATION INSCRIPTION dated 26 August 1992 [Sagar/Tabor A99], 1992; The Essential Shakespeare, inscribed "9th March 1992", New York, 1992; Three Books, inscription dated "June 1993", wrappers, 1993; Elmet... [with] Photographs by Fay Godwin, second trade edition, inscribed "New Year 1995", light dampstain at lower margin [Sagar/Tabor A60c], 1994; A March Calf, later issue, inscription dated "October 1995", wrappers, creased, 1995, ALL INSCRIBED BY HUGHES TO HIS SISTER OLWYN, unless otherwise stated first editions, publisher's cloth, dust-jackets, 8vo and 4to; and 3 others by Hughes, or with contributions by him, all inscribed to Olwyn Hughes, together with 4 unsigned books and a photograph by Fay Godwin, signed by her on the mount and on verso of frame, 122 x 158mm. (24)
SOLD: £2,125

Lot 384 HUGHES (TED)
Animal Poems, SIGNED AND DATED "Ted Hughes 25 Sept. 1971", also signed by Frieda Hughes, and embellished by her with illustrations on 2 pages of a fantastical creature and a bird in black ink, limited to 100 copies (this possibly a proof copy, not signed on colophon), contents loose in salmon pink printed wrappers [cf. Sagar/Tabor A13], [Crediton, Richard Gilbertson, 1967]; Poems... Linocuts, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY, INSCRIBED "To Olwyn with love from Ted, 22d March 1969", 6 colour plates by Gavin Robbins, publisher's boards [not in Sagar/Tabor], Bartholomew Books, Exeter College of Art, 1968; Rain-Charm for the Duchy... for the Christening of His Royal Highness Prince Harry... [Commissioned by the Westcountry Rivers Trust], publisher's cloth-backed marbled boards, [Gwynedd, Embers Handpress, 2009]; Season Songs... Pictures by Leonard Baskin, first American edition, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY, inscribed "Happy New Year to Leonard [Baskin] from Ted, 1 January 1977", colour plates, publisher's cloth, dust-jacket [Sagar/Tabor A44b], New York, 1975; idem, another copy, SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR, New York, 1975; Shakespeare's Poem, NUMBER 116 OF 175 COPIES SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR, publisher's wrappers and gate-fold sleeve [Tabor A30], [Lexham Press, 1971]--HODGKIN (M.R.,editor) Young Winter's Tales [with contribution by Hughes], TED HUGHES'S COPY, with printed slip dated 25 October 1973 loosely inserted, additionally inscribed by Frieda Hughes, publisher's cloth, dust-jacket, Macmillan, 1973--Modern Poetry in Translation, No.1, 2 copies, edited by Hughes and Daniel Weissbort, together with original typescript order slip, disbound, [1965]--Oedipus by Seneca. Translated by Hughes, typescript, remnant of agency label of Olwyn Hughes, blue wrappers, [n.d.]--Raritan. A Quarterly Review, vol. 14, no. 2 [including: Ted Hughes. On Sylvia Plath], ANNOTATED AND CORRECTED BY HUGHES in at least 12 places, publisher's wrappers, New Brunswick, 1994, various sizes; and 17 other items by, or relating to Ted Hughes (27)
SOLD: £3,125

Pursuit. With an Etching & Drawings by Leonard Baskin, NUMBER 37 OF 100 COPIES, etched plate by Baskin (numbered in pencil, not signed) loosely inserted as issued, illustrations in the text (some full-page), original green morocco by Zaehnsdorf, t.e.g., slipcase [Tabor A17], 1973; Dialogue Over a Ouija Board, NUMBER 135 OF 140 COPIES, frontispiece by Leonard Baskin, publisher's limp vellum, slipcase [Tabor A25], 1981; Lyonnesse, NUMBER 289 OF 400 COPIES,original quarter leather by Davis & Hodges, slipcase [Tabor A13], 1971, [Will and Sebastian Carter at Rampant Lion Press for] The Rainbow Press; Crystal Gazer and Other Poems, NUMBER 178 OF 400 COPIES, vignette on title, one plate after Sylvia Plath, original cloth-backed patterned boards by Zaehnsdorf, slipcase [Tabor A9], [Daedalus Press] for The Rainbow Press, 1971, 8vo and 4to (4)
SOLD: £1,125

Lot 386 HUGHES (TED)
Crow. From the Life and Songs of the Crow, NUMBER 242 OF 400 COPIES, SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR, 12 plates by Leonard Baskin, publisher's cloth, slipcase with printed label on upper cover, small folio, Faber and Faber, 1973
SOLD: £312

HUGHES (TED) Moortown Elegies, COPY "M" OF THE 32 COPIES- BOUND IN FULL MOROCCO, from an overall edition of 175 copies, INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR "for Olwyn. Ted Hughes" on the colophon, one full-page illustration by Leonard Baskin, original full crushed morocco by Sangorski & Sutcliffe, illustration of a bull blocked in gilt on upper cover, t.e.g., slipcase [Sagar/Tabor 57a], folio (335 x 235mm.), Rampant Lion Press, for The Rainbow Press, 1978; and a group of six Morrigu Press pamphlet publications, ALL INSCRIBED BY TED (AND NICHOLAS) TO OLWYN HUGHES, all with some light dampstaining (7)
SOLD: £3,250

Lot 388 HUGHES (TED)
Moortown Elegies, ONE OF 6 SPECIALLY BOUND AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPIES, this for Nicholas Hughes (as stated on the colophon), from an overall edition of 175, copies, one full-page illustration by Leonard Baskin, original full crushed morocco by Sangorski & Sutcliffe, illustration of a bull blocked in gilt on upper cover, t.e.g., slipcase [Sagar/Tabor 57a], folio (335 x 235mm.), Rampant Lion Press, for The Rainbow Press, 1978
SOLD: £1,750

Portrait of Ted Hughes, with a Crow and Pike, cast bronze plaque, half-length, Hughes, the crow and the pike all in profile, inscribed in the field 'Ted Hughes A[e]t sui 47, Amicus Meus Baskin 1978', approximately 850 x 570mm., [1978]
SOLD: £6,875

A fine archive relating to the Morrigu Press, including publications by Ted Hughes, printed ephemera, and manuscript material, materials loose within a proof gilt-blocked vellum binding (for the Rainbow Press publication "Moortown Elegies"), various sizes, [c.1979-1983] (quantity)
SOLD: £5,625

Lot 391 HUGHES (TED)
A Primer of Birds. Woodcuts by Leonard Baskin, ONE OF 225 COPIES SIGNED BY BOTH AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR, ADDITIONALLY INSCRIBED BY HUGHES TO HIS SISTER ("For Olwyn with love Xmas 1981 from Carol and Ted") on front free endpaper, and with a 19-LINE AUTOGRAPH POEM on blank leaf at end, 6 woodcut plates (one printed in colours) by Baskin, publisher's marbled boards, printed label on upper cover [Sagar/Tabor A76], tall 8vo, Gehenna Press, 1981
SOLD: £1,187

Collected Poems. Edited by Ted Hughes, PRESENTATION COPY FROM TED HUGHES, inscribed "For Oona and Terence [McCaughey] with much love from Ted, January 1982" above a note citing mistakes on 3 pages (with corresponding corrections within the text itself), small black ink dash beside several poem titles in the listing of Plath's own prepared order of the "Ariel" poems on p.295, publisher's cloth, dustjacket (rubbed with a few small creases) [Tabor A26a.1], 8vo, Faber and Faber, 1981
SOLD: £812

Lot 393 HUGHES (TED)
'A Bundle of Birds', AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPTS OF 23 'BIRD' POEMS in one volume, inscribed on paste-downs "A Bundle of Birds for Olwyn with love from Ted... Poems by Ted Hughes. Book by Nicholas", 24 pages, and with list contents (12 poems at front, 11 at back) on paste-downs, black ink on paper, original cloth-backed boards, titled in ink "A Bundle of Birds by Ted Hughes" on upper cover, small 8vo (132 x 104mm.), [1982]
SOLD: £11,875

Lot 394 HUGHES (TED)
Ted Hughes's Silver-Reed 500 typewriter, green body, in original plastic case with handle, approximately 440 x 380 x 120mm., [1980s]
Did Not Sell

Lot 395 HUGHES (TED)
Ted Hughes's writing table, and chair, the "refectory-type" table with triple plank top on end supports united by a stretcher, approximately 1420 x 623mm.; the Victorian elm and ash farmhouse armchair, with high spindle back and saddle seat (2)
Did Not Sell

Lot 396 HUGHES (TED)
A pale oak lectern, made for Hughes by his son Nicholas, the reading/writing slope on a tapered hexagonal column and tripod base, approximately 1330mm. high
SOLD: £2,000

The Pulitzer Prize in Poetry: Award Certificate for 'The Collected Poems', on cream paper with Pulitzer gold seal, signed by Pulitzer President Michael Sovern, mounted in original blue morocco folder, blindstamped Pulitzer seal on upper cover, blue watered silk endpapers, 223 x 265mm., 12 April 1982; together with 2 telegrams from Sovern sent on 13 April to Ted Hughes, at Court Green in Devon, announcing the award of the prize; and a typed letter signed by Sovern on 30 April enclosing the Prize certificate (4)
SOLD: £4,000

A case of twelve bottles of 'Laureate's Choice' sherry, each with label designed, numbered and signed by Ted Hughes (these bottles numbered 181-192), together in the original box, printed with Hughes's design on the side, [1984]
Did Not Sell

Three bottles of 'Laureate's Choice' sherry, each with label designed, numbered and signed by Ted Hughes (these bottles 403-405), [1984]
SOLD: £250

Two bottles of 'Laureate's Choice' sherry, each with label designed, numbered and signed by Ted Hughes (these bottles 147 and 250), [1984]
SOLD: £187

A bottle of 'Laureate's Choice' sherry, with label designed, numbered and signed by Ted Hughes (this bottle 339), [1984]
SOLD: £112

Lot 402 HUGHES (TED)
The Best Worker in Europe, NUMBER 14 OF 156 COPIES SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR AND ARTIST, ADDITIONALLY INSCRIBED BY HUGHES TO HIS SISTER ("For Olwyn with love from Ted Christmas 1985") on front free endpaper, and with a 10-LINE AUTOGRAPH POEM on the colophon, 3 woodcut illustrations (of which one on upper cover) by Charles Jardine, publisher's wrappers [Sagar/Tabor A89a.2], large 8vo, Designed and Printed by Sebastian Carter, at the Rampant Lions Press, for the Atlantic Salmon Trust, 1985
SOLD: £687

The Bell Jar, ANNOTATED BY TED HUGHES, with page numbers and notes on the inner front and rear covers, corresponding with underlined passages in the text body, annotations in blue biro, text block loose and split, publisher's wrappers, 8vo, Toronto, New York [etc], Bantam, March 1986
SOLD: £6,875

Four Poets for St. Magnus, NUMBER 42 OF 106 COPIES, SIGNED BY THE FOUR POETS, one lithographed plate by Bryce Wilson, 5 tipped in facsimile pages of 4 poems tipped-in, 2 copies of the prospectus loosely inserted, publisher's vellum-backed pictorial boards, slipcase with illustration pasted on upper cover [Sagar/Tabor B415], small folio, Orkney, Elizabeth Graham Scarth at the Breckness Press, 1987

Ariel, FIRST EDITION, INSCRIBED BY TED HUGHES "For John on account of Walrus willy-bones, fangs, claws & skulls. Greetings from Ted, May 1989" on front free endpaper, publisher's cloth, dust-jacket, FINE COPY [Tabor A5a], 8vo, Faber and Faber, 1965; together with a 2-page autograph letter dated 30 July [19]88, to "John" (2)
SOLD: £3,125

Lot 406 HUGHES (TED)
Rain-Charm for the Duchy and Other Laureate Poems, ONE OF 30 COPIES "reserved for the author", from an overall edition of 280 copies, signed on the colophon, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY, INSCRIBED TO HIS SISTER OLWYN WITH A LARGE INK DRAWING on the half-title, publisher's cloth-backed boards [cf. Sagar/Tabor A98], Faber, 1992; Shakespeare's Ovid, NUMBER 13 OF 50 DELUXE COPIES SIGNED BY THE HUGHES AND THE ILLUSTRATOR, WITH AN ORIGINAL ETCHING BY CHRISTOPHER LE BRUN, from an overall edition of 215 copies, the signed etching loose as issued in portfolio wrappers, the text publisher's cloth [Sagar/Tabor A110], Enitharmon Press, 1995; Earth Dances. Poems... Chosen & Decorated by R.J. Lloyd, NUMBER 5 OF 250 COPIES, this copy unsigned, later inscription of Frieda Hughes, linocut plates by Lloyd, publisher's clothbacked boards [Sagar/Tabor A106], Old Stile Press, 1994; Tales From Ovid, ONE OF 10 COPIES "reserved for the author", from an overall edition of 310 copies, signed by the author, ownership inscription of Frieda Hughes, publisher's cloth-backed boards, Faber and Faber, 1998, 8vo and 4to (4)
SOLD: £687

Lot 407 [PLATH (SYLVIA)]
About Sylvia. Poems by Diane Ackerman... Ted Hughes, Robert Lowell... Lithographs by Enid Mark, ONE OF 60 COPIES, THIS ONE OF THE 10 ARTIST'S PROOF COPIES, 10 colour lithographed plates by Enid Mark, tissue guards, signed on the colophon by the illustrator, publisher's prospectus and "thank you" letter from the artist to Ted Hughes loosely inserted, publisher's wrappers and solander box, the upper cover with inset "cracked mirror" panel, both designed by Sarah Creighton, folio, Wallingford, Pennsylvania, The Elm Press, 1996
SOLD: £1,250

Lot 408 HUGHES (TED)
Howls & Whispers... Etchings by Leonard Baskin, NUMBER 39 OF 110 COPIES, SIGNED BY BOTH AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR, PRESENTATION COPY FROM HUGHES TO HIS SON NICHOLAS, INSCRIBED "For Nicholas - with love from Daddy, 21st August 1998" on front free endpaper, printed in red and black on hand-made paper, 11 ETCHED PLATES SIGNED AND DATED BY BASKIN, all printed in colours, tissue guards, publisher's cloth-backed patterned boards, red morocco gilt spine label, cased in original solander box, 4to (295 x 230mm.), The Gehenna Press, 1998
SOLD: £2,750

If you bid on something, and won, please consider writing a guest blog post about your experience and congratulations! . If you bid on something, and lost, please also consider writing a guest blog post. In all, eight lots did not sell and one, Lot 350, was withdrawn.

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